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Truma Cooler Portable Fridges and Freezers

Truma Cooler products are made for America and engineered for the rugged Australian Outback. Trust the durability of these made-for-the-road coolers. Wherever you are, crack open your Truma cooler and feel the cold air brush your skin as you pick up your favorite chilled drink. That’s the comfort that comes with Truma’s refrigeration system product line. For 70 years, we’ve served the outdoor market with products that last.

A Modern Improvement on Classic Coolers

The Truma Cooler is available in a number of sizes ranging from a convenient 36L (9.5-gallon) cooler to a 105L (28-gallon) party size cooler including two dual-zone models. The optional insulated cover keeps the cooler chilly even longer, and features easy-access pockets for cutlery, cooking utensils, and more. All are Bluetooth-ready for control from an app.

The Weekender Series

Virtually Indestructible Portable Fridge and Freezer

Truma’s portable fridge/freezer is designed for versatile use. There’s a portable fridge size for every car, RV and camper, overland 4x4, backyard kitchen and every lifestyle. Thanks to its dual-purpose design, the Truma Portable Fridge and Freezer gives you the power to keep your food and drink chilled, ice cold, or frozen -- all day.

So, go ahead and spend hours in your backyard kitchen, at the tailgate party, the beach, or driving into the wilderness of rugged terrain. When you’re ready for a drink, you’ll have a cold one waiting for you.

The Traveler Series

Portable Coolers Built with Purpose

You want to stay on the road, on the trail, or at the party. Truma Cooler Portable Fridges and Freezers are designed to keep you stocked with cool food and drinks wherever you are.

Truma Cooler portable fridge/freezers are designed with handles that fold down into the cooler for maximum space conservation.

The portable fridges and freezers also include a USB port where you can charge your devices and a Smart Bluetooth App that allows you to adjust the temperature of the fridge from your phone. The interior LED light provides optimum visibility inside the cooler during nighttime gatherings.

We made our products sturdy enough for the rugged Australian outback and convenient enough to take to the football stadium parking lot.

Take Your Truma Product to:

  • Beach days
  • Tailgate Parties and Sporting Events
  • Camping Trips
  • Overland Excursions
  • Cookouts
  • Your backyard Kitchen

The Adventurer Series

It’s Not Cold, It’s Not Truma

With no ice required, your Truma cooler will keep items chilled for days. And thanks to the extra protection provided by its optional insulated cover it will stand-up to even the harshest elements.

The interior of the portable fridge and freezer can stay as cold as -8F (-22C).

With Truma, you can count on having a cooler you can trust.

The Complete Collection